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  • Title :calligraphy artwork

  • Artist :Qazi Shaharyar Akhter
  • Category :Calligraphy

  • Medium :Acrylic on Canvas

  • Dimension :32 x 52 (in)

  • Location :Karachi

  • Price :£ 1,282

  • Price : £ 1,350

  • Description :
    Beautiful acrylic painting on canvas with a knife. The written verses are in Arabic from Holy Quran. Painted with the rarest technique of pouring paint directly onto the canvas.

    Subjects: Calligraphy
    Styles: knife calligraphy Abstract
    Mediums: Acrylic
    Painting: Acrylic on Canvas
    Size:52 W x 23 H x 0.2 D in

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Original Art Details
  • Original Type :Original

  • Price :£ 1,282

  • Medium :Acrylic on Canvas

  • Artist :Qazi Shaharyar Akhter

  • Style :Calligraphy

  • Year :2016

  • Dimension :32 x 52 (in)

  • Size :Large

  • Frame :No

  • Signed :Yes, back of artwork and certificate of authenticity

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