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Our business is an online art market, we are one of the best websites where to buy art online . Over the course of 2021, our platform has broadened its reach and continued to empower artists around the world. We are thrilled to meet all of our new collectors and are here to be a guide in the pursuit of great art. We Promoting and selling artwork from both acclaimed and emerging artists from different countries, we will provide “talented artists to transform the global art market.” Artists can submit their work to be juried as well and Arts Market Gallery will get back to artist.

How do I find out if you have artworks by the artist I'm looking for?

If you have an artist name in mind, you can search for them on our artists page. If there are no results, leave us your details. We take all searches on our site into account and we will contact artists whose works interest our users. If the artist joins ArtsMarketGallery, we will let you know straight away.

What does the heart ( wish list) button do?

This symbol button allows you to choose the artworks you love while you're on the site, so you can find them all on one single page. To see this, click on the heart button. To make sure your favourites are saved and so that you can see them on another device, we recommend creating an account.

How can I check the size of the artwork?

The dimensions of the work are specified on the artwork page. Any further questions? Please get in touch - we're here to help and we can send you images to give you a better idea of the dimensions of the work.

Is the image on the site an accurate representation of the artwork?

The image is an accurate depiction of the artwork, but it has no contract value. We can send you additional images on request. If the artwork you ordered is not what you expected, we are incredibly sorry. You have 14 days to return the work after its delivery. Feel free to take a look at our client feedback. They often tell us that the work is even more beautiful in real life!

How do I buy art on Arts Market Gallery?

Buyer To buy an artwork, you have to click on the button "Add to Cart" which is found on all artwork pages. You will then be redirected to your Cart. Once you have clicked 'Proceed', we will ask for your details to organise delivery, and then ask you to choose your method of payment (Paypal, card). Once the payment has been processed, you will receive confirmation for your payment. We will receive an email confirm that your payment has been received.

Secure Payments All payments are 100% secured through our trusted partner Paypal.


How do I buy art on Arts Market Gallery?

Buyer To buy an artwork, you have to click on the button "Add to Cart" which is found on all artwork pages. You will then be redirected to your Cart. Once you have clicked 'Proceed', we will ask for your details to organise delivery, and then ask you to choose your method of payment (Paypal, card). Once the payment has been processed, you will receive confirmation for your payment. We will receive an email confirm that your payment has been received.
Secure Payments All payments are 100% secured through our trusted partner Paypal.

What are the accepted methods of payment?

Paypal methods of payment

What happens once the payment has been processed?

Once the payment has been processed, the artwork is reserved for you! Artist will updates you right away to confirm its availability and delivery times (delivery takes approximately 7 days). Together we will arrange the best day for delivery to the address you provided.

When will Paypal charge my credit card ?

When the work is shipped! When you make an online payment to Arts Market Gallery, we receive pre-validation from your bank which confirms that the money is available in your account. Banks generally hold this money in your account until the final part of the payment process, but rules vary. Check with your bank to find out more.

Is there a problem with your order confirmation?

Do not hesitate to contact us at any time with any questions: about payment, delivery or anything else.
Contact: +44 745 9534947


SHIPPING and DELIVERY, How are the artworks packaged?

The Art is packaged by the artist and follows a standardized packaging process. Art is sent direct from the artist's studio, Artist is responsible for the cost of packaging, labels, and shipping your artwork. Every painting is packaged and shipped by the Artist. While working quickly, maintaining top-quality craftsmanship is never rushed. We confirm the packaging with the artist before shipping and take care to make sure the work is properly protected.

All shipping costs for unframed artworks are calculated and charged by the artist. Shipping prices can vary depending on the artwork type, size, and weight or where the artist and your delivery address is in the world. Shipping charges due for your order are added at the checkout.

Delivery charges (within the UK)

Delivery charges (within the UK) are included in the price of the artwork. They are not added on afterward. The price you see on the screen is the price you pay.
Art is sent direct from the artists studio, packaging may vary from artwork to artwork. If you purchase artworks from more than one different artist, they may be delivered to you in different packaging and on different dates.
Deliveries are made by selected top courier firms or if appropriate, first class Royal Mail postage.
Artists are contracted to deliver your artwork to you within 14 days. If for any reason there is likely to be a delay, you will be contacted by the artist or gallery.

How long does delivery take?

After the payment has been processed, delivery takes 7-14 days on average, which leaves time for packaging and shipping. This may vary depending on the artist's availability, potential the distance between the artist's studio and your home. Whatever happens, we will keep you update

Who takes care of the delivery?

Artist will package the art and use delivery companies such as DHL or UPS, or specialist art delivery companies.

Which countries do you deliver to?

In any case all countries that delivery companies operate in!

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs are included in the price, regardless of destination.

If I buy several artworks, will they be delivered at the same time?

Each work is shipped by the artist. So if the two works are by the same artist, they may be delivered at the same time (under normal circumstances). If they are by different artists, the delivery dates will be different. However, if you have an issue and need them to arrive in the same place at the same time, let us know and we will arrange delivery accordingly.

Can I get artworks delivered to a different country or to a different person?

We will deliver to the address you gave on your order. Generally we set the delivery date with the person who will receive the work and whose name you gave. If it's a surprise or a present, let us know!


Shipping operators are experiencing international delivery delays to all destinations due to limited airline capacity and government restrictions. What that means for us is that the delivery times may be longer than usual! Please use the dates provided as estimates only, not guarantees.

If your order is time sensitive
- Birthday present
- Wedding gifts

Please drop us a message first, We'd be able to advice you if there's a risk it may be delayed based on your destination!

How do I order?

You are able to order any artwork from the product pages, simply add the artwork to the cart and complete our simple checkout process.

I have ordered my artwork, what next?

Once we receive your order you will be sent an order confirmation and the artist will arrange delivery. Once delivery has been booked you will be sent tracking information.

How do I track my order?

If you set up an account you will be able to log in and check the status of your order, if it has been 'dispatched' you will be provided with tracking information. If you are unsure please get in touch with us.

Can I cancel my order?

Provided your order is not a commission you can cancel at any time.

What does my 'order status' mean?

Pending: We have received an order but have not received payment, once payment has been received your order will change to processing.

Processing: We have received your order and are processing it.

Complete: Your order has completed and all artworks have been sent.


Our goal is of course to make sure that you have the best experience with, but we never know what might happen.

Here are a few possibilities:
1) Cancellations, changes or refunds are not allowed.
Please choose carefully, as we do not accept returns if you simply change your mind.

2) Fault with the product, Artist will happily exchange or replace your item including return postage. What can I do?
Some time it happens! You have 3-5 days after delivery of the work to let us know. so we can inform the Artist. You will be refunded once the artwork has been returned to the artist. In the case of returns, you are responsible for Packaging, Delivery & Shipping the work.

3) Who pays for Return Costs?
Buyer is responsible for returning the Painting to the Artist.

4) How does the Refund Artwork?
Buyer will be refunded after the Artwork has been returned to the artist.

5) Fault with the product?
Artist will happily exchange or replace your item


As soon as your order is shipped, we'll send you an e-mail confirmation with a tracking number included in the e-mail. Buyer can check on the status of your order at any time. Just login to your account, then click on your "Order Status" page.


Commissioned pieces are priced based on the size, medium, and complexity of the piece, and the artist's sales history. Commissioned artworks will be more than comparable pieces in the artist's portfolio [in terms of size and medium]. This is due to the fact that the artist must spend time to consult with you about the project, create any necessary preliminary sketches, and take time away from their normal art practice to create your commission.

Before the artist begins working on your commission, we take a 50% non-refundable deposit. This assures that the artist will be paid for their time and materials. Once the piece is complete, we will send you a high resolution image of the work. If you accept it, we will charge your credit card the remaining 50% and ship the piece to you. If for some reason you are not entirely satisfied when you see the image, we can work with the artist to make small changes. There are no returns once you take possession of the art.

Photographs are great reference material when commissioning an artwork. If you don't have a photograph, it's not a problem. You will have the opportunity to speak one-on-one with the artist to describe exactly what you are looking for.

Can I return a commissioned artwork? No, the artwork has been created to your specific requirements and therefore is non-returnable


We prefer to sell artwork unframed. This allows clients to select frames that suit their decor, or to display the work unframed if preferred.


If a discount has been applied to your sale, it's because the Buyer / Collector redeemed a special promotional discount while purchasing your work. On occasion, Artist should offer promotional discounts as an incentive for new and returning collectors to explore the constantly changing selection of artwork on our site.

We find that offering promotions from time to time allows artists to gain the attention of collectors previously unaware of their work and a better chance to make future sales.

The discount codes typically give collectors between 5% - 20% off original works, and do not exceed these amounts. For works sold to the trade - interior designers and architects, for example - give tiered discounts of 5% - 20% off original works.

If you sell an original work, artsmarketgallery Art will receive a 30% commission on the final sale price. If a promotional discount code is offered, the discount will be deducted from the price of the artwork and the usual 70/30 split will then be calculated.  It is worth remembering that artsmarketgallery Art’s commission is 30%. This means that very often (even with a discount) you will be earning more through your sales with artsmarketgallery.

It is also important to note that during your initial sign up, you agreed to this condition (included in our official statement of Privacy Policy &. Terms & Condition )

Arts Market Gallery reserves the right to promote and market Original Works of Art and/or Digital Works through the use of sales and/or discounts. The sale or discount amount will apply to the listing price of Original Works of Art and/or Printed Works relating to the Digital Works. After the discount code is deducted from the sales price, our usual commission of 30% will be applied.  

SERVICES OFFERED BY Arts Market Gallery?

Do you offer recommendations and advice? Our role is to introduce collectors to an artist's works. But you need to look through lots of artworks to make this happen, and we can help you save time! We can offer you a personalised selection of about twenty works which are chosen especially for you. To receive this selection, you can contact us at, or respond to our survey and we'll get back to you within 48 hours

Do I have to pay for the Art Advisory service?

Not at all - it is a key part of our mission to introduce collectors to new artworks.

I want to give art as a present but I don't know what to choose. What can I do?

It's a great idea to give art as a gift! However, it can be tricky to choose an artwork for another person, even if you know them well. There are two options to help you give a unique gift :

  • we can talk about the person you want to give art
  • think about what they like and what would suit their home
  • Then we can offer you a personalised selection within your budget
  • The other option: give them a Gift Card for an amount of your choice. ( Functionality is under development)