Art Details

  • Title :Morning

  • Artist :Muzamil Mubashir
  • Category :Landscape

  • Medium :Oil On Canvas

  • Dimension :76 x 76 (cm)

  • Location :London, GB

  • Price : £ 6,800

  • Description :
    Landscape oil painting depicts scene of nature in full bloom. The pond is calm and still, its surface adorned with lily pads, some in full bloom with delicate white flowers, while others have yet to fully open. In the background, vast fields and trees create a natural frame for the scene, adding depth and perspective to the composition. The soft morning light bathes the landscape in a warm glow, creating a sense of peace and tranquility.

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Original Art Details
  • Original Type :Original

  • Price :£ 6,800

  • Medium :Oil On Canvas

  • Artist :Muzamil Mubashir

  • Style :Landscape

  • Year :2023

  • Dimension :76 x 76 (cm)

  • Size :Medium

  • Frame :No

  • Signed :Yes, back of artwork and certificate of authenticity

Delivery & Shipping

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Strong cardboard mailing box with hinged lid, supplied with a pair of foam inserts offers maximum protection. Complete and reliable protection comes via two layers of soft and protective foam, with triple thickness corners and front, double thickness top and back, and secure locking tabs for outer strength.

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